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Seattle's Mortgage Broker

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Company: Seattle's Mortgage Broker
Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s Mortgage Broker (SMB) is one of MortgageReputation's proudest success stories. With careful coordination and the strategic deployment of a complete inbound funnel, the MortgageReputation team was able to scale this client from a small marketing contract and zero advertising spend up to our largest client account.

Today, SMB is a goliath in the Seattle real estate market, thanks to the hundreds of millions in sales volume that have been run through MortgageReputation's inbound engine.

Company Challenge

Seattle’s Mortgage Broker was a young company with infinite potential when they partnered with MortgageReputation. Joe Taffola had a small team with a lot of industry knowledge and experience, but he didn’t have the time or the resources needed to unlock his growth potential. Outside of the odd phone call from a dated website, Joe was struggling to generate new business.

Worse yet?

SMB had been bitten numerous times by self-proclaimed marketing experts and marketing agencies that were unable to deliver results. Joe was tired of losing money on unprofitable investments and was slow to trust another agency. However, through a slow ramp-up, and a performance-first focus, the MortgageReputation team was able to earn SMB’s trust, and build the foundation for the exponential growth to follow.

How We Helped

  • We kickstarted SMB’s inbound program on a small monthly retainer for Social Media Marketing, Local SEO optimizations, and a complete website rebuild.
  • Within 3 months, SMB started to see results from our initial efforts. Joe decided it was the right team and the right time to invest further in his marketing expansion and unlock more of the value ladder. We added a website SEO audit and overhaul, along with ongoing optimizations on a monthly basis. By May, our inbound lead funnel was humming and leads were pouring into SMB.
  • Five months later, SMB looked to reinvest recent revenues into a large-scale Google Ad campaign, targeting highly-competitive local terms in Seattle.

Result & Impact

Through the period of August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021, these are some of the key results we were able to achieve with SMB.

Over the year, we grew organic website traffic through SEO from 500 clicks/month to nearly 1500 clicks/month.

12 month mortgagereputation seo analysis on seattle's mortgage broker

The MortgageReputation team grew SMB’s Google Ad spend from under $10,000/month to over $40,000/month, corresponding with a massive spike in website conversions and phone calls.

12 month google ad analysis on seattle's mortgage broker

These SEO and Google Ad numbers contributed towards the growth of total website traffic, which earned the following performance:

  • 174.6% YoY growth in sessions (39,343)
  • 185.9% YoY growth in users (31,956)
  • 185.2% YoY growth in new users (31,551)

And we can’t forget the most important metric of all: conversions. Through the four primary CTAs distributed across the SMB site, we were able to drive 795 applications and quotes, corresponding to over $250M+ in new sales volume for SMB.

total form conversions for seattle's mortgage broker

Today, Seattle's Mortgage Broker is the most prominent mortgage broker in Seattle, and ranks among the upper echelons of mortgage brokers along the West Coast.

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