Social Media Marketing for Mortgage

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Create top of mind awareness for your mortgage services, and generate new leads through social media.

Get Noticed By People In Your Community

Mortgage Broker Social Posts

Millennials, those consumers between the ages of 18-34, have entered into the high spending years of their lives. They are settling into careers, having families, and buying homes.

In 2016, millennials overtook the Baby Boomers as the largest population in North America.

This generation grew up with the internet and spends an average 3.1 hours a day on social media.

Increase Your Social Presence

social media marketing for mortgage

For local mortgage brokers to succeed, and capture the attention of the majority of new homebuyers entering the market, they need to be actively promoting themselves and engaging with Millennials on the social media channels that are important to them.

Unfortunately, very few brokers and brokerages know how to use social marketing effectively. Many will use social posts to spam out rate updates or talk about how great they are.

Here’s a small tip of advice for social media: homebuyers only care about what’s in it for them, and to engage them, you need to provide value!

Leverage Social Media to Gain New Customers

mortgage social media posts

For those mortgage professionals who want to tap into the massive lead and revenue opportunity of social media marketing, have meaningful conversations with potential customers, and raise their brands authority in their community.

Mortgage Reputation offers a complete done-for-you social media marketing solution.

Unlike typical digital marketing agencies, we actually have mortgage industry experience under our belts, and understand homebuyer intent.

We craft social posts that engage and make people want to share your profile.

Our overall goal is to keep your brand in the top of people's mind; so that when they think about getting a mortgage they remember your business.

Your social media manager, an english speaking, university graduate writer, in our Canada office, works 1-on-1 with you to build your voice on the 4 major Social Networks.

Let Us Design Your Custom Social Strategy

Mortgage Social Strategy

First, we meet with you to discuss your custom social marketing strategy.

Second, we update, design, and build your social profiles on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to match your personality and branding.

Third, on a weekly basis, we craft custom social media posts and syndicate them out to the big 4 social websites.

The posts we create are a mix of marketing posts, that target homebuyers at different stages of the purchase funnel, fun & engaging posts, or hyper local content.

Fourth, we boost each post on Facebook for maximum exposure and to encourage shares or likes.

Drive Traffic to Your Website from Social Networks

Social Marketing for Mortgage

The main strategy behind our social marketing service is to increase awareness of your services and drive traffic to your website, in order to create conversion opportunities.

Our standard rates include 2 or 4 posts per week to: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter; with a custom image. And again, each post is boosted on Facebook for a minimum of $5 to get you more views.

We choose to focus our efforts on building your audience on the major 4 because the posts on these sites are indexed most often by search engines; meaning there is a greater chance that one of these posts will be found by a prospective home buyer.

In order to produce the desired results for our clients, and avoid conflicts of interest, we only work with 1 mortgage brokerage per city.

Why Choose Us As Your Social Marketing Partner?

  • Specialized in the mortgage industry, and we know what engages millennial homebuyers
  • Done-for-you, consistent weekly social media posting
  • Your very own social media manager to work with you on a winning strategy
  • Trusted experts with over 8 years of digital marketing experience
  • Monthly proof of performance reports
  • Monthly checkups and consultation

What you should do now

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