Reputation Management Service Trends to Watch for in 2022  

Reputation Management Trends 2017

Do you know what it takes to put into practice effective reputation and brand management?

If you were hesitant to answer, we can help you. We know that your online presence is your most important asset in society today.

Reputation management takes time and a consistent effort. You must develop a solid strategy for success.

90% of homebuyers use the internet as part of their decision.

In a climate where one poor review or a single typo can diminish your reach by thousands, this seems daunting. Knowing the current trends in reputation management services will help make your life easier and your business more fruitful.


Be Authentic With Your Reputation Management as a Trusted Mortgage Broker

When it comes to growing your brand presence and reputation, authenticity takes center stage.

Determine brand goals early on and do not falter. All your branding and marketing efforts need authentic narratives. This builds trust in your target audience, which will play a major role in growing your online reputation through reviews and mentions.

Do not spin concepts or practice false advertising. Listen to your consumer and address them with respect and trustworthiness of your brand.

The Employees of Your Mortgage Company Are Your Best Brand Ambassadors

Your employees' matter. Treat them that way.

More and more brokerages will compete to attract talent.

Consider the skilled workers on your team as part of your brand's assets. They are the most qualified to rep your brand outside of your office.

As such, employee satisfaction and reviews are more important than ever. Communicate with your employees on a regular basis. Not only are they as important as your clients, but they should be as happy with their experience.

Employees are experts on your brand, and thus integral for your online reputation. They can impact your online reputation in many ways, including:

  • Employment reviews on sites like Glass Door
  • Social media engagement
  • Word-of-mouth marketing

Keep your employees satisfied and reap the benefits.

mortgage brokers reputation management

Personalize All Your Marketing Messaging Coming From Your Mortgage Company

Crafting individualized messages to your clients, employees, and leads will help you stand out. You will see this practice become the norm in reputation management services.

Mass media and advertising will only get you so far. These will become less effective over time.

Reputation management services will help you stay proactive and well-connected so you know where the important conversation in your industry happen. Once you know, you can apply a personalized touch to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Reputation Management & Reviews Are More Important Than Ever For Mortgage Brokers

Reviews for mortgage brokers

We spoke about employee reviews but what about client reviews?

Customers look to online review sources more and more. This bolsters the growth of new online review platforms. Google and Facebook are now top destinations for customers seeking to leave a review about your business.

But consumers are growing suspicious. Ninety percent of Americans believe reviews are fraudulent or not trustworthy. Even online titans like Amazon realize the importance of authentic reviews.

How can you build trust and credibility? Remember authenticity and personalization are key. This will lead to more positive reviews for you.

Positive reviews are essential for maintaining and building a stellar online reputation.

Successful Reputation Management Services Listen to Social Media

Reputation management services in 2022 will consider social media as table stakes.

Take stock of what users say about your services, your brand, your industry, and even your competition. This information will help you differentiate yourself from other providers.

Knowing what your reputation is will help you improve upon it. Seek out honest feedback on social media channels like Facebook and use it to grow.

Engaging With Your Community of Mortgage Clients

You've monitored your social media presence. You've read every review. Now what?

The next big trend in reputation management services is engaging with your community of past customers.

Mortgage broker community engagement

How do you do this?

To start, don't practice flagrant self-promotion. Your customers will see right through it.

Instead, show them why you're the better choice for the job. Reinforce your authority. Make your competition obsolete by engaging your past clients with relevant material that makes them want to share your business.

Consumers expect content on your blog to be relevant to them.

Every piece of content your brand issues should express community involvement. This might look like:

  • Ways you contribute to the development of your industry
  • Posts about social responsibility initiatives you're involved in
  • Charities you work with

A genuine brand that cares for its consumer always beats a brand that sells to its consumer.

Which brings us to our next trend in reputation management services: social relevance.

Be Active in The Community Your Customers Are In

Homebuyers today are more environmentally conscious than ever.

They want to do business with companies that give back to the community in which they choose to live.

Vocalize your efforts to contribute to healthy environments in the industry and region you do business.

Mentions Will Overtake Article Reviews

While positive consumer and employee reviewers will prove essential for your reputation, article reviews suffer from dwindling importance.

Shoot for mentions instead.

Network with bloggers in your industry about what is important to them. Align this networking for your public relations and advertising strategy.

Reputation management services for mortgage brokers

Keep Your Mortgage Marketing Content Relevant 

Personalized communication and engagement efforts must appear in the right place at the right time. Keep your content relevant.

This will depend on who you deem your target audience.

In each of your efforts, keep in mind that reputation management takes time. No aspect of reputation management is a cake walk.

These trends will help you get a handle on the sometimes grueling world of online reputation management. As you can see, reputation management goes far beyond simple SEO practices.

Reputation management services provide a consistent approach and a solid strategy to help you succeed. Your reputation and your business are equally important in the eyes of your consumer.

So don't be afraid to seek out help! If you want to build a 5 star reputation, contact us for more information.

About the author Aaron LeBLanc

Aaron is the President & Founder of Mortgage Reputation. He is a passionate and driven entrepreneur, with experience in the Mortgage Industry and Digital Marketing Technology.

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