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As a mortgage broker, your success hinges on your customers.

Establishing a connection with homeowners early on, then nurturing those relationships throughout the buying process is critical to ensuring their satisfaction. It's also the way you earn those valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

The quickest and most effective way to build customer loyalty and generate new leads? Social media marketing.

Working with a social media specialist to establish and build your online presence enables you to connect with your audience base online.

It also helps you build the type of long-term relationships that fuel success. From there, you can start the conversations that take them from home buying prospect to long-term client.

Interested in learning more about how social media marketing can take your mortgage business to the next level? Let's dive in!


Content Increases Leads For Mortgage Brokers

As a mortgage broker, chances are you've got a professional LinkedIn account. What about a Facebook page for your business, or a Twitter account?

Taking the time to create an account on one or several of these platforms isn't just good business sense. It could make all the difference in whether or not you're able to establish new connections, and how well you strengthen those relationships over time.

After all, 81% of Americans are active on social media. Imagine how much you could expand your marketing reach if you were too.

Mortgage broker content marketing

Yet, while creating an account is a great head-start, it's not enough to simply have a log-in and a profile.

The reality is, almost any social media platform can be used as a tool to promote your business. A social media presence can also help you establish yourself as an industry thought leader, and help you generate leads.

So once you're "in" on these sites, what's next?

To move traffic to your site and start a buzz around your brand, you've got to actively post on your social media accounts.

One way to differentiate yourself from the pack? By delivering engaging, encouraging, and informative information your customers can't get anywhere else.

By thinking of your accounts as avenues toward connection, a social media specialist can help you create more dynamic posts that are not only relevant to your buyer base but capitalize on the unique properties of each social media outlet.

For example, a short tweet on comparing mortgage rates can include some eye-catching stats and a link to a longer blog post. A Facebook post might be more visually appealing and informative. A LinkedIn post might include helpful links to the professional profiles of affiliated organizations.

When such thought is given to each message, you can rest assured your content will be appropriate, useful and on-trend -- and sure to draw readers in.

Engagement Helps Mortgage Brokers Stay Top of Mind

In addition to helping you create juicy content that speaks to your client base, social media marketing also requires you to post more frequently and routinely.

After all, to establish a connection with your audience, you can't talk to them once and then go a few weeks without chatting again! To stay at the top of their mind, they need to hear from you -- and be able to reach you -- frequently.

Create mortgage leads with content marketing

With a defined plan in place and the support of a social media specialist, you'll be able to set timelines around exactly when you post. This way, you can be sure you never miss an opportunity to connect.

In the social media world, a familiar voice is a remembered voice, so making sure yours is always heard is a surefire way to get more people listening.

Inbound Lead Growth Via Social Media

One especially neat thing about social media is that it's not just one-sided. Rather, most sites allow at least one kind of feedback or response mechanism to turn your post into talking points.

engage with your mortgage leads

Comments are the main, and best example of this. Think about the last time someone commented on your Facebook post? Did you know how to respond? Or did you let enough time pass to deem a response irrelevant?

With social media marketing, you can turn every comment, like, retweet, or other response into an opportunity to generate leads and build deeper, more meaningful client conversations.

Keeping on top of your social media accounts, you'll be able to see, in real-time, when someone responds to any of your content.

This way, not only are your response times quickened, you're better positioned to leverage feedback as an opportunity for connection. For example, say a prospective homebuyer replies to your tweet about current mortgage rates and asks where they can find more information.

If you didn't check Facebook for a few days and missed the reply, by the time you sent a response, the prospect is more than likely on to the next broker.

Yet, by being notified of such feedback as soon as it appears, you can easily send them a link to your website, or to other helpful content such as a white paper, or even your other social media accounts, helping you capture their business.

Make an Impression With Your Social Marketing

Gone are the days when posting simply meant black text on a white screen. Social media is compelling, colorful, and visual, just as much as it is data-based.

Social media marketing takes this concept to the next level. By viewing your accounts as tools for engagement, you can better visualize the type of message most likely to reach your audience.

Need an eye-catching graphic to go along with your short, 140-character tweet? What about an infographic that visually sums up what you've said in your five-paragraph Facebook post? Thinking about your topic in a reader-focused perspective can help you take your content from drab to dynamic in no time.

Getting Started: Building Mortgage Leads with a Social Media Specialist

So what are you waiting for? Investing in a social media marketing plan is one of the smartest and easiest decisions you can make as a mortgage broker.

If you're looking for a social media specialist, we'd love to help. We're experts in building superior online reputations for our clients in the mortgage industry.

We'll work with you to protect your reputation, attract the attention of prospective homebuyers, and expand your online presence as you generate new leads and convert existing ones.

Feel free to call us, check out our FAQs, and browse our blog for hot topics and inspiration, then leave a comment below if you need more information! Let's build something great together!

About the author Aaron LeBLanc

Aaron is the President & Founder of Mortgage Reputation. He is a passionate and driven entrepreneur, with experience in the Mortgage Industry and Digital Marketing Technology.

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